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We are the exclusive dealer for Sun Audio's excellent range of tube products. Each amplifier is hard wired, using Tamura transformers and chokes with tube rectified power supplies.


SV-2A3 Single-Ended Stereo Power Amp          $2800.00

SV-2A3TSX Single-Ended Mono Power Amp   $5600.00 pair

SV-6V6 SE Stereo Power Amp                              $1500.00

SV-6L6 SX Stereo Power Amp                              $1800.00

SV-300BE Single-Ended Stereo Power Amp     $5080.00

SV-2A3EPX  Push-Pull Mono Power Amp          $5600.00 pair

SV-PM200 Single-Ended Integrated Amp           $2250.00

SV-KT88 Single-Ended Stereo Power Amp       $2700.00

SV-300B MKII Push-Pull Mono Power Amp       $6500.00

SV-300BTE Single-Ended Mono Power amp   $6500.00 pair

SV-300BSM Single-Ended Mono Power Amp   $18000.00 pair

SVC-500 Stereo Control Amp                                $5080.00

SVC-200 Stereo Control Amp                                $1800.00

SVPE-700CR CR type Phono Equalizer              $2500.00


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